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A cool spotify trick to get a premium feature, for free!

A cool spotify trick, in 6 steps!


Yesterday I found a small cool caveat in the Spotify software I’m very sure most of you already know. In a few words, Spotify is an audio streaming service where you can access most of the music publicly released in the world. There are two different unilimited plans: Free and Premium - the difference between the former and the latter are the following:

Free vs Premium

The following trick relates on how to play songs on-demand from mobile with the free version. You will need a computer, a spotify account, and a smartphone with internet connection.


1) Open Spotify on your computer

2) Go on your phone and start playing one song (whichever it lets you, it doesn’t matter)

3) Then make the song play on your PC using the small button on the song’s screen saying “Available Devices”, and then selecting your computer

Spotify Screenshot

4) Now you’ll have the on-request song picking on your phone – however we’re not done yet, as the songs you pick will play through your computer and not through your phone (which is what we want).

5) Select the song you want to play from your phone.

6) Change the available devices part back to your phone and not your PC, and you are ready to go!